A Trusted Partner for Lift Truck Battery Handling Equipment in the European Union

Keeping up with developments in the logistics sector can be overwhelming in a diverse consortium like the European Union. Luckily, BHS Global makes it easy to outfit your warehouse with the most modern, cost-effective, and safe equipment.

Since 1979, BHS Global has manufactured state-of-the-art forklift battery handling equipment. The company sought to correct inefficiencies in warehouse operations to increase overall productivity. Starting with the battery room and continuing through the entire warehouse, BHS Global provides ergonomic and efficient solutions to common warehouse challenges.

The company’s high-quality, cutting-edge products gave it a toehold in the warehouse industry, but its dedication to customer education and support are what made BHS Global a leading manufacturer of battery handling equipment in the world. Tailoring designs to customer specifications and providing around-the-clock support are just two of the ways BHS Global has made themselves indispensable to companies around the world.

The safety and health of warehouse staff is a major concern to managers and government regulators. BHS Global shares that concern and manufacturers powered equipment with safety and ergonomics in mind. Bin Tippers and Lift Tables not only prevent staff from costly and painful injuries, but these powered products can also improve efficiency and profitability. BHS Global equipment makes completing tasks easy and effortless, which saves time and improves morale.

BHS Global manufactures all of its equipment in the United States in a modern facility that is outfitted with laser technology, CNC machining, and robotic welders. All equipment is meticulously engineered and extensively tested to ensure top quality.

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Battery Handling Equipment

When choosing forklift battery handling equipment, first consider: the size of the forklift and battery fleet, and method of battery removal (side/lateral, overhead/vertical, or both).

Battery carriages for smaller fleets of side-extraction

BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC)

The BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC), converts a pallet truck into a portable battery changer and is available with hook/chain, vacuum, or magnet extraction. Shown with magnet extraction, optional Drop In Roller and bed extension.

BHS Mobile Battery Extractor (MBE)

The BHS Mobile Battery Extractor (MBE) has a built in powerhead, 42" battery compartment and is available with vacuum or magnet extraction. Shown with magnet extraction.

BHS Battery Transfer Carriage (BTC)

The BHS Battery Transfer Carriage (BTC) manually transports batteries utilizing push/pull mechanics. The BTC is available in several models with extraction and lift/lower functions ranging from fully manual to fully powered. BTC-MPPAE shown with electric lift/lower function and electric, hook/chain extraction.

Operator Aboard Battery Extractors for larger fleets of side-extraction

BHS Double Stack Battery Extractor (BE-DS)

The BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractor (BE) is equipped with hydraulic lift/lower function and is available in hydraulic or electric drive. The BE is also available in single-level or multi-level up to four-high, has two battery compartments offered in multiple sizes, and can be outfitted with either magnet or vacuum extraction. BHS Double-Stack Battery Extractor (BE-DS) shown with vacuum extraction and BHS Double Stack Battery Systems Stands (BS-DS).

Gantry Cranes for small or large fleets of vertical-extraction

BHS Portable Gantry Crane (PGC-PDC)

The BHS Portable Gantry Crane (PGC) is available in powered and non-powered drive, 2- or 3-Ton models, and can be customized for capacity, height, and beam spans. Shown with BHS Battery Lifting Beam (BLB), Hardwood Battery Stands (HBS), and BHS Hardwood Wash Station (HWS).

Battery Charging Area Storage

BHS Single Level Battery Stand (BS-SL)

The BHS Single Level Battery Stand (BS-SL) (BS-SL) is equipped with poly-sleeved rollers, battery flip stops, and drip pan compartments and is available in a range of models. Shown with charger shelf

BHS Double Stack Battery Stand (BS-DS)

The BHS Multi-Tiered Battery Stands are equipped with poly-sleeved rollers, battery flip stops, and drip pan compartments and is available in a range of models. Double Stack Battery System Stand (BS-DS) shown with poly lead rollers in each battery compartment.

BHS Hardwood Battery Station (HBS)

The BHS Hardwood Battery Stand (HBS) is equipped with plastic decking and charger shelf and is available in a range of models.

Battery Charging Area Organization and Safety

BHS Roller Wash Station (RWS)

Complete the battery charging room with hydrogen gas ventilation, electrical distribution, cable management, battery spill safety, eye wash, and much more! Contact us for a Battery Room Survey today!

Warehouse Equipment

When choosing warehouse equipment, it is important to consider ergonomics, safety, comfort, and efficiency. BHS warehouse solutions provide all of these benefits without sacrificing design and integrity.

Ergonomic Lift Tables

BHS Lift Tables provide an ergonomic value to most work stations and processes. Models are available as stationary or mobile and manual or powered and can be customized to accommodate any operation.

Industrial Storage, Transportation, and Logistics

BHS Warehouse Equipment also includes products for storage, shipping and receiving, retail display, order picking, inventory management, material transport, and electrical product management. Call us now for more details!